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Iatros (AY 2020-2021)

Iatros is the official student publication of the St. Luke’s Medical Center – College of Medicine, William H. Quasha Memorial. It is dedicated into fostering the promotion of the arts, culture, and freedom of expression within the confines of the school, entrusting that its influence will contribute into the holistic development of doctors in service to their nation and to the world.

MAURICIO, Princess Amabelle C. and JAVILLONAR, Paula Martini O.
TORRES, Narciso Rafael E.
Associate Editor
YOON, Sejin B.
Finance Officer
TUASON, Czarina Rose
Literary Editor
TUGADE, John Samuel B.
Art Director
MESINA, Jamille Alexi P. and SANTOS, Shaine Dominique C.
Layout Co-Heads
YARA, Marc Daryl B. and PANGILINAN, Ysabelle T.
Photography Co-Heads

Organization Email: slcmiatroseb@gmail.com
Facebook: slcm.iatros
Instagram: slmccm_iatros
Twitter: slcm_iatros
Website: slcm-iatros.com

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