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Dance Company (AY 2020-2021)

We, the members of St. Luke’s Dance Company, official dance troupe of St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicne, are dedicated to transform the country’s youth culture by raising a generation of weel-rounded dancers, fueled with passion, perseverance, and purpose, upholding standards of human morality, being stewards of our Creator, and promoting excellence in every aspect of life, human endeavor, and service to society.

BAUTISTA, Angeli Coleen S.
GARCIA, Mikamila Elehn-joyce Q.
Vice President
MARIANO, Thiphany Celyn D.
Secretary General
TARRAZONA, Yssa Nicole S.
Director for Internals
ORDONEZ, Vivienne May B.
Director for Promotions
ZAPA, Mary Vianney R.
Director for Logistics
BAOBAO, Carrel Kythe K.
Head of Productions
CANDELARIA, Pauline Mae R.
Director for Finance
MEDRANO, James Raphael R.
MUYOT, Angelo Car O.
3rd year batch representative
LIM, Faith Corinth T.
2nd year batch representative

Organization Email: stlukesdancecompany@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/stlukesdancecompany
Instagram: @stlukes_DC
Twitter: @StLukes_DC

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