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Our LocationCathedral Heights, Sta. Ignaciana St., Quezon City 1112


St. Luke's College of Medicine - WHQM is located at Cathedral Heights along Sta. Ignaciana St, which crosses E. Rodriquez Ave. in Quezon City just behind St. Luke's Medical Center. The College can be accessed through three main routes, namely, through St. Luke's Medical Center, through Trinity University, or by way of Sct. Reyes St. in the Roxas/Roces district coming from the Quezon Ave. area.

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Lecture Halls and Classrooms

The building has five air-conditioned lecture halls with a capacity of at least 100. These rooms serve as the main venue for classes among the 1st to 3rd year levels as well as large meetings or academic conferences of the faculty and other medical staff of the St. Luke's community.

Several smaller classrooms and discussion rooms are distributed among the 5th to 11th floor. These rooms may accommodate small groups of ten for discussions or larger groups of up to 45 for classes and meetings. The rooms are also used for patient encounter sessions and are equipped with examining tables and beds to aid in honing the skills of students in the physical examination of patients.

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There are five Basic Science Laboratories located in the 12th and 10th floors. These laboratories are furnished with the essential equipment and materials necessary for performance of a thorough laboratory exercises such as dissections, slide microscopy, and experiments. The Histology and Pathology laboratories have monitors hooked to a teaching microscope enabling real-time viewing and simultaneous teaching from the professors.

Skills-Training Laboratory is available in the 12th floor. It is equipped with models and simulators used for skills training of medical students such as in emergency life support and recognition of heart sounds and electrocardiophysiologic findings.

The Behavioral Science Laboratory features a tinted mirror between the classroom and consultation room enabling students to view and learn the skills of a psychiatric exam in real-time without the pressure of crowding on the patient.

mock Operating Room is available on the 11th floor which enables training of students in the proper techniques of scrubbing, gowning, gloving and surgical asepsis. The laboratory is used for the training of both medical students in the college and medical staff in the medical center.

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Veering away from the traditional concept of a library, the newly renovated library was designed to provide as an avenue for interaction among students, faculty members and college personnel. It has been designed to nurture a person's inclination to learn as comfortable as possible or simply just to provide a venue for leisure readings.

The library occupies the 7th floor of the building with a reader's area that can accommodate up to 110 users at a time. This is conveniently located adjacent to the Reserve, Circulation & Reference Section. Two Discussion Rooms are provided for small group studies. Audio-Visual materials may be reviewed in the viewing room. A lecture hall is also provided for large group functions. The entire area is air-conditioned and well-lighted.

The Computer Section holds 20 computer units where internet access is available as well as browsing of the CD-ROMs, on-line journals and other digital collection of the library. WiFi is also available for those who bring their own laptops.

A feature of the library is the William H. Quasha Memorial museum. Located in the center of the library, it aims to make visitors aware of the rich history of the College in addition to Attorney Quasha's abundant accomplishments.

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The following administrative offices are found in the 8th floor:

  • Office of the President and Dean
  • Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Office of the Associate Dean for Student and Faculty Affairs
  • Office of the College Secretary
  • Finance and Accounting Office
  • Registrar's Office

In addition, the Board Room is also located in the 8th floor for meetings of the Board, Officials, Administration and Faculty.


The following offices are found in the 8th floor:

  • Human Resource & Management Office
  • Building Administration Office
  • Property Management Office
  • Health Clinic
  • Information Technology Office


Faculty offices are distributed among the 8th to 12th floors:

  • Anatomy - 12th floor
  • Biochemistry - 10th floor
  • Physiology / Pharmacology - 10th floor
  • Preventive Medicine - 10th floor
  • Behavioral Science and Psychiatry - 9th floor
  • Clinical Sciences - 8th floor
  • Comprehensive Exam and Study Program Committee - 8th floor

In addition, a faculty lounge is available in the 8th floor where the faculty can relax while reading, listening to music or simply interacting with other faculty members. The faculty may also use the lounge as venues for their meetings.

Student Organizations

The student council and other student organizations hold office in their designated offices at the 11th floor.


Some units of the St. Luke's Medical Center also hold office in the college of Medicine. These are: Audit and Management (11th floor), Neuro-Developmental Center (5th floor), and Clinical Epidemiology (5th floor).


The Auditorium is the venue of large student and faculty conferences and activities of the College as well as events of the Medical Center. It has a 500 seating capacity with an adjacent room which is able to receive live-video feed from the auditorium. This is located at the Penthouse.


Cafeteria - A cafeteria is open to the SLCM community from 7 am to 6 pm on weekdays at the 5th floor. Adjacent to it is the Executive Lounge, which can seat up to 35 persons, and where meetings may be held over meals.

Coffee Shop - A coffee shop is available just outside the library at the 7th floor where students and faculty may discuss over cups of coffee or other light snacks. It is open from 7am-7pm, Mondays to Fridays

Quarters - Transient quarters are provided by the Medical Center to Residents and Interns at the 6th floor and Clerks at the 5th floor.

Parking - Parking is available from the first to fourth floors for vehicles with valid parking stickers for a minimum fee. Valet service may also be availed of.

Prayer Room - Located just beside the student council office is a small ecumenical prayer room where students can stay a while to meditate.

Book Shop - A book shop is intended to be put up just outside the library. This will feature not just medical books but other literary works for casual reading. School supplies will also be made available.

Vending Machine - Vending machines are available on the 1st floor parking and 6th floor landing for hot and cold drinks any time of the day.