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The St. Luke’s Medical Center, together with and in support of the St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine offers scholarships to the best and the brightest graduates of leading Colleges/Universities in the Philippines. It is our hope to be able to educate and train intellectually gifted individuals who aim for academic excellence with integrity and commitment and who truly desire to become competent and compassionate healing professionals.

Entrance scholarships may be awarded to bachelor’s degree holders who graduated with a Magna cum laude or Summa cum laude from colleges/universities in the Philippines with NMAT ratings of 95% and above.

Students promoted to the next year level may maintain a full scholarship provided that they meet the required GWA and grade requirements set be the College and undergo evaluation by the Scholarship Committee.


After an evaluation by the Scholarship Committee, scholars found guilty of any of the following infractions are automatically disqualified and their scholarship privileges immediately revoked:

Any act which may be considered inimical to the interest of the College;

Any misconduct or misdemeanor; and

Any offense involving moral turpitude


Application Form maybe downloaded here.

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