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Citius, Altius, Fortius

     As the dust finally settled, Batch 2017 came out as the overall champions of St. Luke’s College of Medicine SportsFest 2013, which culminated last September 6. Batch 2016 was unable to defend their crown as they fell by only 9 points in the cumulative score. Batch 2018 claimed third place while CI-FaSt-Alum (Clerks, Interns, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni) finished fourth.  

     Included in the events that contributed to the overall results was the Mr. and Ms.Lukan pageant. The first years were represented by Mr.KenverResuello and Ms. Trish Adriano; the second years by Mr. Paolo Christian Racadio and Ms. Ann Rodrigues; and the third years by Mr. Leland Ustare and Ms.Aliana Jimenez. The pageant, with the theme of Greek gods and goddesses, included an introduction of their god/goddess character, talent portion, and a question and answer portion.

     Special awards in line with the theme were given to the following:

·         God and Goddess of Wisdom: Mr. Leland Ustare and Ms.Aliana Jimenez

·         God and Goddess of the Arts: Mr. Paolo Christian Racadio and Ms.Aliana Jimenez

·         God and Goddess of Disguise: Mr. Paolo Christian Racadio and Ms.Aliana Jimenez

·         Champions of the Masses: Mr.Kenver Resuello and Ms.Aliana Jimenez

     At the end of the pageant, the title of Mr. and Ms.Lukan were bagged by Mr.KenverResuello and Ms.Aliana Jimenez, respectively.

     The pageant was followed by the closing ceremony in which the winning teams were awarded trophies through their team captains while individual feats were recognized through gold medals. For their respective championships, Batch 2018 won badminton, table tennis, football, Mr.Lukan, and chess while Batch 2017 won bowling, amazing race, dodgeball, jackstones, and DotA. On the other hand, Batch 2016 won cheerdance, Ms.Lukan, patintero, tablet games, and monopoly deal while CI-FaSt-Alum won basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and women’s basketball.

     As the closing ceremonies ended, everyone celebrated with food and drinks at the Angelo King Penthouse. Players put aside their competitiveness, got together, and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a great way to finish the SportsFest where the mood was festive and relaxed. Indeed, everyone came out “faster, higher, and stronger” not only through physical sports but in friendship and camaraderie.

    For more pictures and videos of the weeklong 2013 SportsFest, check out the official facebook page of SLCM Iatros at