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St. Luke's College of Medicine posts 100% board passing rate

St. Luke's College of Medicine post 100% board passing rate

(From an Article printed at The Philippine Star last September 27, 2012, page B-7)


St. Luke's Collge of Medicine - William H. Quasha Memorial (SLCM-WHQM) achieved a 100 percent passing rate, the only medical school to do so in the lates physician licensure examination administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) last August.

The perfect passing rate was not the first for the school.  For the past eight licensure exams, it has consistently achieved 100 percent passing mark for its first-time taker graduates. 

This achievement has earned St. Luke's a place in the top five best performing schools of medicine in the past five years in the country.

"We have been consistently realizing our goal to be the best medical school in the country.  Our screening process ensures that we only have the best and the brightest in our fold.  We also offer the most number of medical scholarship grants that is most comprehensive in content to cover even free books.  Our scholarship retention scheme is also one of the most stringent," said Dr. Brigido Carandang, Jr., dean of the College of Medicine.

The College of Medicine was established in 1994 as St. Luke's Medical Center's training school.  It aims to be a leader in innovative medical education through a unique system of academic and scholarship programs for deserving students.

The medical school established its current scholarship program in 2005.  It is awarded to bachelor degree holders who graduated with Latin honors from colleges and universities in the Philippines and with NMAT ratings of 90 percent and above.

This scholarship covers tuition, laboratory, miscellaneous fees and books.  Today, more than half of its current student population is covered by this comprehensive scholarship.

"We believe in nurturing our students by ensuring that we attain the highest standards in medical education.  We are committed to continue discovering new ways by which we can deliver medical eucation," Carandang said.

SLCM-WHQM administration, faculty, staff and graduates are working to serve the holistic medical needs of all sectors of society.  It attracts students who have a strong desire to become exceptional clinicians and/or academicians, as leaders of the medical profession, and innovators in biomedical science, clinical care, research, public health and safety.

Carandang said the college also provides a strong foundation in basic and clinical research, as it aims to hone the country's top clinicians and researchers.

Medical students from outside the Philippines are also welcome to be clinical observers in the school.  Thus far, it has produced graduates who are primed toward specialization and the pursuit of excellent health care, utilizing research and world-class technology.

The College also offers a Masteral Degree in Molecular Medicine.  This knowledge stems from basic science and applied biomedical research that has produced the latest biotechnologies, such as cell-based therapies, gene therapy, targeted therapies, biomarker technology, molecular diagnostics, pharmacogenomics and personlized medicine.

Those who have completed a Bachelor's Degree in Science or a degree in Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or Doctor of Dentistry students may apply.

For more information, interested parties may call 723-0101 extension 5549 or 3816.


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