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Applications for the Doctor of Medicine program AY 2018-2019 is still being accepted until April 2, 2018

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St. Luke’s College of Medicine and St. Luke’s Medical Center offer the country’s first MS Molecular Medicine program.
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Student's Grades

Final Grades of students will be posted here and can be accessed confidentially by the specific person only. The Official Grades, however, shall still be the written and duly signed grades issued by the College Registrar.

Dean's List for School Year 2009-2010

Doctor of Medicine Program

First Year:

Bayocot, Jayson DL.
Escusa, Kristel M.

Second Year:

Dy Closas, Alfand Marl F.
Lopez, Maria Luz C.

Third Year:
Juangco, Dan Neftalie A.
Chan, Marie Abigail C.

Fourth Year:
Del Mundo, Daryl Anne A.
Dimabuyu, Marian C.

Fifth Year:

Espiritu, Lavinia P.
Tolosa, Coe S.

MS in Molecular Medicine Program

First Semester:
Aliya Mari D. Adefuin
David Solo R. Gigawin
Francis G. Moria, M.D.

Second Semester:
Princess Wendy A. Bayona