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Applications for the Doctor of Medicine program AY 2018-2019 is still being accepted until April 2, 2018

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St. Luke’s College of Medicine and St. Luke’s Medical Center offer the country’s first MS Molecular Medicine program.
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Two courses on research are in the curriculum. Basic Science Research is given at the second year level while Clinical Research is taught at the third year level.

Basic Science Research aims to provide the students an investigative experience and encourage them to seek a deeper understanding of disease in a research environment while Clinical Science Research develops their ability to analyze scientific literature which is necessary to keep abreast with the latest trends and researches in medicine.


Together with the Research and Biotechnology Division of St. Luke's Medical Center, St. Luke's College of Medicine offers the MS in Molecular Medicine program starting second semester of school year 2008-2009. For details about this program, please click here.